Friday, July 17, 2009

Santa Cruz, baby! | Kim Lind family photography

Earlier this week I took a drive down to Santa Cruz to photograph this gorgeous family from Danville - the baby boy is one of my "Baby Plan" clients but we've never done the whole family until now.  I LOVE the beach, and while it can pose some photography challenges - like no shade, harsh sunlight, and for forgetful photographers like me...sunburn! - it's such a fantastic setting for casual and "real" family photos.  So in addition to some great 9 month shots of the little guy, I took some beautiful family shots that I think they're going to love.  I know I do!  

Talk about a crystal clear day - - the bright blue of the sky, the deep blue water and their coordinating blues, tans and whites made for a perfect combination. 

I'm a sucker for a daddy and his little girl.  I love her expression, and that he's holding her little shoes in his big hands.  How cute it that? 
This one is so pretty in black and white - it has a very timeless look to it. 

For this one, I was going for a faded blue jean kind of look.  Just a little something different, an artistic twist...I like it!

And here's a great end shot for the blog preview...gotta love a naked baby on the beach! 

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