Monday, August 31, 2009

"C" is for Cute! Newborn photography in Dublin, CA

I had the pleasure to meet Baby "C' yesterday.   A few months ago we took belly shots with her mama and big brother and now here she is, beautiful and sweet as can be at one month old.  I felt like I hit the jackpot when I walked into her room and saw this great monogram on her wall - I love how tiny she looks in this first one lying there on her dresser.

Ready for your close-up?  Oh, ok you can sleep right through it...

Here she is, awake and happy in her mama's arms.  We did this shoot entirely in her nursery. It's cool how many different looks you can achieve in one small space.  

Baby in a bathing suit tutu...can it get any cuter?  Oh, well maybe if she were to cross her ankles and her hands.  How cute is this pose?  One month old and already working it for the camera! If you've followed my blog at all, you know I love baby feet.  And of course with the pink frilly tutu, these feet are about the cutest I've ever seen.

I love the sparkle in her eyes from the window light streaming in.  But what really gets me is her expression - it makes me smile every time I look at it!  Thanks little miss "C" and family for a great session! 

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Six days old - Pleasanton baby photography

Meet one of Pleasanton's newest residents, baby Aiden.   So sweet and tiny at six days old...

Mom and dad were so easy going, first time parents and total naturals.  I like the perspective of this one below, baby in close up focus and mom and dad behind admiring their baby.  And because it's a family moment, we did some in this spot with their giant Golden-Doodle dog too...what an awesome dog!

Sweet angel baby on a fluffy cloud, right?  Or just a furry rug in the foyer.  I love finding the light when I go to someone's house, sometimes it's in places you wouldn't expect.  I've been known to do entire newborn sessions on a kitchen table!  The second photo here is on one of their living room chairs.  It was shot under a skylight because I wanted to get that contrasty black and white studio look, with no lights at all besides the sun.

This is one of my favorite shots to do with a new mom and dad.  Hard to believe that six days ago, there wasn't a tiny baby to cradle...and now look how perfectly he fits in the palms of their hands.  Congratulations, mom and dad, and welcome to sweet baby Aiden!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make room for baby! Danville family photography

A brand new baby sister has arrived for this brother and sister.  They both wanted to hold her so they took turns, and baby didn't seem to mind the attention at all!  This sweet baby is going to be well loved, that's for sure.

Six weeks old, and sweet as can be.
A happy two year old makes the world go 'round!
Seriously, how cute is this baby?  She was so calm and mellow too - I don't think she cried one time during our session...amazing!
Both jumped at the chance to get on the bed with their baby sister.  I love the way they're both looking at her, and she's so content and fascinated by the action all around her.

Sweet mama moment with her oldest and her youngest.  Her daughter was busy playing with her stuffed animals...hey, she's 2...she has places to go, ponies to see.

Ok, Mr. Dreamboat here...he was so funny too.  He told me that he never gets his work done anymore because he's always taking care of two baby sisters.  Is he 4, or 40?  What a guy!  And what a fun shoot with three delightful kids and their equally delightful mama, thanks for a great morning!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

All of Grammy's babies - Danville family photography

When grandkids are spread between two states, getting them all together is not easy.  Getting them all together for a photo shoot at ages 19 months, 16 months and 6 months?  Piece of cake! Ha ha, maybe that's not so easy either, but it was definitely a lot of fun!  These three cousins are not only adorable, they are adored by their Grammy.  Here's a little preview of our session that was done mostly indoors and also in the back yard of her home in Danville.

The newest arrival, he's 6 months old.  The perfect age for those cute playing with the feet shots.  6 month olds love their feet!

What a cutie this guy is, and how about his cool hair? 
This one, the only girl of the bunch, is a bundle of cuteness and energy!  I like this photo of her in a quiet moment...makes me wonder what she's thinking.  

Can you feel the Grammy love??  

This one might be one of my favorites of the day.  He's like, "hey, where are you going?" and she's outta there!  It's a pretty common site to see a toddler's back side as they make their way through the big world around them, even just a staircase has so much opportunity for exploration! 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carlos and Stacey's Urban Oasis in San Francisco - Kim Lind wedding photography

Where: Axis Cafe, San Francisco
When: Saturday, August 8, 2009
What: The fantastically FUN and beautiful wedding of Stacey and Carlos, the new Mr. and Mrs. Ranito!

Here's a sneak peek at Carlos and Stacey's wedding day at what Stacey dubbed an "urban oasis" in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.  The Axis Cafe was decorated with vintage accents and peacock feathers,  and made all the better by a beautiful and warm San Francisco summer evening.  And of course this gorgeous bride!  Don't you love the red lips?

Best friends since the 4th grade, and so much fun!  Can you tell?

Seeing Carlos for the first time on their wedding day, walking down the aisle with dad...a moment to treasure.
The rings, taken before the ceremony since once they're exchanged they're probably not coming off for a while!

Great colors on a great looking bridal party...
I like the vintage feel of this one, with the old fashioned handkerchief the bride carried and the deep red bouquets.  
I love, love, love this one... it was fun to play around with the selective color on the flowers. Black, white and red are such a great combination.
These two had so much fun dancing, and it was so fun to watch.  The dance floor was lit with red and purple lights, making the photographs fun and colorful but I like the vintage feel of the black and white here.
I love this photo of the happy groom.  The black and white and grainy texture on the photo coupled with the vintage looking hat (and that smile!) are a perfect combination.   
One of the last photos of the night, and one of my favorites!  Congratulations, Carlos and Stacey!  It was an absolute delight to photograph you, your family and your friends on your perfect wedding day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coming soon...Carlos and Stacey's Wedding!

Just a tiny little taste of what's to come of Carlos and Stacey's wedding last Saturday night in San Francisco.  More to come very soon!!