Monday, July 13, 2009

A naturally great family session | Danville family photography

The family I met last Saturday was a lot of fun - the running joke of the morning was to "look natural."  It's a good session when I'm cracking up enough to have to stop taking pictures for a moment, which is exactly what happened when they all piled on a picnic blanket in the yard (on wet grass) and tried to "look natural."  Let's just say that series of photos probably isn't going to make the cut into the final gallery of images!

Most of my family photo shoots are done at area parks but this one was done entirely at their home in Danville.  It's fun and challenging to try to find the best light no matter where I am. This being a family of four meant getting in some pretty small areas with good lighting...and of course, looking "natural!"  Here's a sneak peek...
This little girl has a great smile - there were other shots where she's looking at the camera and smiling but I like this one best because she's clearly about to let out a big laugh.
Father and son look quite handsome in this one...
Now this one looks natural!  I love catching these quick glances, especially when they both look so happy.
This is something new for me... I loved her expression here and the pink walls of her bedroom made a perfect backdrop.  I added some artistic effects to the image in Photoshop and like how it turned out kind of dreamy but also and vibrant and fun.  
And the last shot of the the light in this one! 

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