Friday, February 26, 2010

Newborn baby Cole, 6 days old | Kim Lind baby photography, Pleasanton, CA

This precious baby boy was just six days old when I photographed him last week. He was dressed in the cutest blue jeans and button up shirt - I mean really can baby clothes be any cuter? And what great hair! I feel so honored to meet these tiny little people when they're so new in this world...and so lucky that this is what I get to call "work."

Baby Cole is ready for his web debut - check out his slideshow preview!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The newest newborn! | Kim Lind baby photography, Dublin, CA

I titled this "the newest newborn" because at just 3 days old, he really is the youngest client I've had the pleasure to photograph. So new, so precious, so deserving of his own 30 second slideshow preview! So click the play button below and turn the volume up a bit...this little star is about to make his debut!

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Daffodil time! | Kim Lind Photography

The first daffodil session of the season, and what a cutie! Daffodil season is a short one, but aren't we lucky in California that's it's already here? Other parts of the country won't see daffodils for 6 more weeks and here we have them in their glory :) If you are interested in scheduling a session in the daffodils, contact me right away for availability as they won't be around much longer.

And now...the sneak peek for the "S" family...

I love a baby in overalls...such a cute and classic look.

Happy family! Thanks for a great "springy" session in the middle of February!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Annie and Jason's wedding at Casa Real | Kim Lind Wedding Photography in Pleasanton, CA

Annie and Jason have been married a month now....happy anniversary! The 30 second video slideshow preview I posted a few weeks ago just wasn't enough - I want to share more of their beautiful day!

Casa Real is part of the Ruby Hill Winery and is a gorgeous wedding venue. I love all the dark wooden doors, the fountain, and especially the Amber Room where Annie and Jason were married. With the lights dimmed and the room aglow with candle light, it was warm and romantic. Just like the two of them!

The gorgeous bride...

The handsome groom...(and cool groomsmen shots!)

The new Mr. and Mrs...

A beautiful couple, a beautiful wedding day, a beautiful life ahead for these two...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nicole and Andrew's Engagement Session | Kim Lind Photography in the Livermore Wine Valley

Here's a few favorites from Nicole and Andrew's awesome engagement session last week in the Livermore wine country. They were so much fun, and truly seem like a perfect match - it was such a delight to spend the afternoon with these two.

Love this one with the sun setting over his shoulder...

Neither one of them can keep a straight face for very long. Here they are, trying to look serious. I love it!

The pure simplicity of this one makes it one of my favorites.

Want more? Yep, I did too! So I made a little 30 second video with just a few more favorites you can see here: