Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome, baby Randall! | Kim Lind newborn, family photographer, Fremont, CA

This little guy was just one week old for his newborn photo debut.  And look at all that hair!

I love fall!  And I love looking at this photo...
Big sister and her brand new baby brother...
I don't always head outside for newborn sessions, but I'm starting to think I should!  Baby Randall sure seemed comfortable outdoors.
Sweet dreams, little man!
And this is a Kim Lind Photography newborn session so of course there's a musical montage of more photos!  Click the play button below to see more of baby Randall's newborn session.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The "S" family | Kim Lind, child and family photographer, Danville, CA

I'm always so happy when this family schedules their next session with me.  They are seriously photogenic, aren't they?  Both kids had no naps on the day of our photo session.  AND it was a 90+ degree day in Danville.  But look at them...all smiles!
 I love this "I'm awesome" pose!  Just caught her being funny.
And I caught little brother playing peek-a-boo!

 Thanks for another great session, "S" family!  Always a pleasure to spend some time with you guys. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The "D" family at home | Kim Lind Photography, Walnut Creek CA

This little sweetheart is Amelia, photographed at home with her mommy and daddy.  Their backyard was the perfect setting for late summer/early fall photos.  What a gorgeous spot!

 Beautiful family!

We didn't just stick to outdoors, we went inside for some window light shots too.  That's the great thing about at-home's like two in one!  
Cutest flower I've ever seen!  Thanks, Amelia and family, for  a fun session!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Thirza, all dolled up! | Kim Lind Photography, San Francisco Bay Area baby photographer

Doesn't little Thirza look like an angel?  All decked out in the gardens in her vintage style christening gown.  So fancy, and so sweet!

And talk about fancy!  
So cute!  Thirza's mommy put this look together, isn't it adorable?  Thanks for a fun session, ladies!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome, baby Kayla! | Kim Lind, newborn and family photographer, Castro Valley, CA

Look at this sweet little princess, Kayla!  Just two weeks old, and perfect as can be.
Daddy is a Berkeley firefighter.  I've now photographed Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco firefighter daddies with their tiny newborns!  Lucky me :)

Shots like these you just can't get when they're four, five, or six weeks old.  That's why I always encourage people to book their newborn sessions at under two and a half weeks if possible.  In a week she just won't fit there quite like this!
Sweet dreams, baby Kayla!
At every newborn session there comes a moment when I just have to put the camera down and be in awe of the cuteness and the newness in front of me.  Seeing her hugging her tiny giraffe while in dreamland...I had that moment.  Just precious!

And it's a Kim Lind Photography newborn session, so of course there's a musical montage of photos ready and waiting to melt your heart!  Press the play button below to see more of Kayla's newborn session.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ethan and Tina are engaged! | Kim Lind portrait and wedding photographer, Alameda, CA

Oh, do I love photographing a couple in love!  Ethan and Tina got engaged last month and what fun it was to capture this time in their lives.  They live and play in Alameda, which made for a great setting for an engagement photo session.  
The Blue Dot Cafe and Coffee Bar is one of their frequent stops.  So that's where we started...
When I saw the word "Love" on the window I couldn't resist...
Then we headed to the beach, where there were these great tall grasses.  I had fun with this one!
Wardrobe change!  Love the colors and the emotion here...
This is why it's called the "golden hour"
I love this!  And I didn't tell her to plant one on his face either.  They're just like that.  Which is pretty cool to be around and lots of fun to photograph! 
A little sunset romance on the beach.  Shooting silhouettes is so much fun!
 And this is where it officially began.  Tina was at this bar when she realized he was "the one"...and from the sound of it Ethan already knew that was the case.  But when he showed up at the Hobnob and she had his favorite beer waiting, well I guess it sealed the deal.
It's my goal at every engagement session to create images that will be sitting on the nightstand 45 years from now.  Ethan and Tina picked great locations that have meaning to them.  One day when they're living far away they will look back on these photos and the memories will come flooding back.   I love that I have a hand in that.  I say it all the time...I have the best job!

But wait, I'm not done yet!  Click the play button below to see more of Ethan and Tina's E-session in Alameda!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The "H" family (with Grammy too!) | Kim Lind, family photographer, Danville, CA

Grammy came to visit the "H" family all the way from North Carolina, and I'm so glad they thought to do family pictures while she was here!  We met at the Gardens, always pretty this time of year....and so is sweet Katie here!
 A happy bunch :)
 I love spontaneous cuteness.  I didn't ask them to do this, but glad I caught it!
Katie and Grammy...
 Three generations of beautiful ladies.  Thanks for a great session H family!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome, baby Aubree! | Kim Lind Photography, San Francisco Bay Area newborn photographer

This adorable baby girl is Aubree Michelle.  What a sweetheart!   
Arms full of love!
Beautiful ladies...
I love this so much I might put it up in my own house :)
Ok, it's officially a trend.  Every newborn I've photographed lately has smiled for the camera.  Aubree is no exception, that's a smile!
This is one of the most adorable sessions I've done to date....thanks to Aubree and her talented mom who handcrafted her accessories.  Click the play button below to see more of of adorable Aubree's newborn session.  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome, baby Sammy! | Kim Lind newborn baby photographer in Danville, CA

This little guy was an absolute dream to photograph.  Just a perfect little 11 day old angel of a baby boy. I love my job!  And I love this new baby bed prop that he modeled for me :)
Baby brother makes number three for this family.  Is it possible to look at this without saying "awww"...I love it! 

I've had a lot of "smiling" babies lately...I think 2011 babies are happy little people!

And there's more!  Just click the play button below to see more of Sammy's newborn session...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Kellen, getting bigger! | Kim Lind family, baby photographer, Danville, CA

Adorable, chubby cheeked Kellen is one of this year's babies...born on 1/1/11 in fact.  This is the second of his baby plan sessions and at 8 months he sure did turn on the charm for his photo shoot!
 He just started crawling recently, and I think he looks pretty happy about it.
The whole family, aren't they adorable?

Doesn't he look so happy sandwiched there between his brother and sister?  Cute kids!  Thanks for a fun session!