Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Celebrating first birthdays this month

I love celebrating milestones like first birthdays with photos.  This handsome little guy, Mr. P, turns one this weekend.   We did this shoot at his grandparents' house in Livermore, and it was a perfect setting.  I love his old fashioned look in this outfit - like a baby Brad Pitt in A River Runs Though It.   The expression on his face in the third photo here is priceless!

Here's another birthday baby, she turned one on the first day of 2009.  It was too cold to do an outdoor shoot so instead we had a session at her house, with golden morning sunshine streaming in the windows.  This girl is on the go, and I love the second photo of her as she was making her escape.  Happy birthday baby C!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

I'm entering into the wide world of blogs today - a new year's resolution that hasn't taken me until springtime to accomplish!  I have one baby taking a nap, the other out with daddy, and I'm having a little quiet time with a cup of coffee and baby #3 - my new photography business. What a great morning!  

This third child of mine, my photography business, has long been a dream. When I had my second child, Molly, last March I knew the time had come to make the dream a reality. Something about Molly's arrival made me think that it's all possible.  I guess you could say she's my muse.  She is so easy going, just kicks back and takes everything in.  And I kind of see myself that way too.  I like to take it all in, and I like to shoot it all with my camera!  

The end of 2008 was busy, and I worked with many great families and had so much fun.  You'll see some favorite shots of those sessions here on my blog in the next few days.  January is typically a slow period for photographers but I'm thrilled with a session I did just yesterday on a super gloomy, rainy day in Danville.  Here's a few shots of that beautiful family - they did this photo session on the sly for dad's birthday next week.  I think he will be thrilled with the pictures, and the thoughtfulness that his wife put into his birthday this year. Happy Birthday B!