Monday, July 20, 2009

Future best friends...maybe! | Kim Lind Baby and Pet Photography

I couldn't resist the chance to photograph this new arrival - a 9 week old yellow Lab named Oscar - and his 17 month old soon-to-be best buddy.  

But maybe not soon enough...(hungry, Oscar?)  This one cracks me up!

The sun was just about to set when these were taken at a park in Pleasanton.
In the photos above you can see the golden light from behind.  Below, taken in the same golden light but converted to black and white for a different look though still "golden."  This would look awesome printed on metallic paper.

The shot above and the one below are so "him" - and I know him...he's my nephew!

I really love this one - both for the expression on his face and the background that looks like it was painted in with watercolors.  I put a soft sepia tone on it to match the mood, but the background is untouched.  I love my new lens!

Try to get a 9 week old Lab to sit still with four adults and two kids nearby!  It was near impossible, then I saw this arrow on the road and thought, "I know, he can sit right there!"  And he did.  For about 10 seconds.  Good puppy, Oscar. Now quit trying to eat the kid and everyone will get along just fine.

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