Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Love San Francisco

I love San Francisco.  I mean really, really love it.  So I was thrilled to do this session this week in one of my very favorite spots.  With one of my very favorite people - who I met just a few years ago when we started college - and her two adorable kids.  (17 years could still be considered "a few" right?!?) Typical for a summer day, the fog was looming over the top of the Golden Gate Bridge but without any wind it was actually a warm day.  And also typical for a summer day in San Francisco, the sun came out by the time we left.

This three year old is such a cutie, and so fun to photograph. 
There's that fog.  I actually like the fog - especially now that I live in Pleasanton and don't have deal with dressing in layers every day.  It's a little dreary but also nostalgic, especially if you've ever lived in or near San Francisco.

Six years old and so handsome...

I should mention that this family lives in southern California - so these bridge shots will be a great reminder of their summer trip to San Francisco.  I love her expression in this one here...makes me wonder what she's thinking.   

And see...there's blue sky!  I love this fun shot with just a peek of the city in the background. Great city, great day!  So glad we got to capture some vacation memories while you were here!

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