Monday, February 23, 2009

This place rocks!

I did a shoot last weekend on Mt. Diablo - a gem of a park that those of us who stare at it every day often forget about.  Wind caves, giant rocks and hills so green that Jen (the beautiful mom in these photos) commented that it was like being in Ireland.   If you can get up there to appreciate Mt. Diablo soon, I highly recommend it.  I've never seen it more beautiful and emerald green than it is right now.  

We met in Rock City and explored, taking photographs along the way.  Want to stop and get inside that wind cave?  Sure!  Want to hold hands and jump off this rock?  Sure!  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and I think it really shows.  Thanks, Guys, for a great afternoon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love day

Here's what fills my heart this Valentine's Day.  My very best and most often photographed subjects, Brady and Molly.  I love how black and white photos put emphasis on emotion - and you can just see how much Molly adores her brother in this series.   He's thinks she's pretty great too.   
Brady says Valentine's Day is a "love day."   So have a happy love day everyone! 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love boys...

Here’s a few pictures from a recent family session done in Pleasanton.  What fun they were to work with on a cold winter morning!  I just love the spirit that boys have.  The older boy here is the same age as my own son, and there are just some things that go along with the age – like silly faces, mischievous smirks, and confidence running down steep hills.   We made it out of Kottinger Park that day with pink noses from the cold, but not a single grass stain or scrape – an accomplishment when you’re 3 years old!    

Friday, February 6, 2009

Beanie baby

I had a session this week with this cute little guy and his dog - who is the most handsome Boxer I've ever seen (a "dog blog" is on the way!)  This was my second session with baby "A."  The first one was mostly skin shots and this time Mom wanted some pictures of him dressed in all his cute glory.  I love babies in hats, and 4 months old is a great time to capture these shots since soon enough he'll be ripping that beanie right off his head!