Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Love San Francisco

I love San Francisco.  I mean really, really love it.  So I was thrilled to do this session this week in one of my very favorite spots.  With one of my very favorite people - who I met just a few years ago when we started college - and her two adorable kids.  (17 years could still be considered "a few" right?!?) Typical for a summer day, the fog was looming over the top of the Golden Gate Bridge but without any wind it was actually a warm day.  And also typical for a summer day in San Francisco, the sun came out by the time we left.

This three year old is such a cutie, and so fun to photograph. 
There's that fog.  I actually like the fog - especially now that I live in Pleasanton and don't have deal with dressing in layers every day.  It's a little dreary but also nostalgic, especially if you've ever lived in or near San Francisco.

Six years old and so handsome...

I should mention that this family lives in southern California - so these bridge shots will be a great reminder of their summer trip to San Francisco.  I love her expression in this one here...makes me wonder what she's thinking.   

And see...there's blue sky!  I love this fun shot with just a peek of the city in the background. Great city, great day!  So glad we got to capture some vacation memories while you were here!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Future best friends...maybe! | Kim Lind Baby and Pet Photography

I couldn't resist the chance to photograph this new arrival - a 9 week old yellow Lab named Oscar - and his 17 month old soon-to-be best buddy.  

But maybe not soon enough...(hungry, Oscar?)  This one cracks me up!

The sun was just about to set when these were taken at a park in Pleasanton.
In the photos above you can see the golden light from behind.  Below, taken in the same golden light but converted to black and white for a different look though still "golden."  This would look awesome printed on metallic paper.

The shot above and the one below are so "him" - and I know him...he's my nephew!

I really love this one - both for the expression on his face and the background that looks like it was painted in with watercolors.  I put a soft sepia tone on it to match the mood, but the background is untouched.  I love my new lens!

Try to get a 9 week old Lab to sit still with four adults and two kids nearby!  It was near impossible, then I saw this arrow on the road and thought, "I know, he can sit right there!"  And he did.  For about 10 seconds.  Good puppy, Oscar. Now quit trying to eat the kid and everyone will get along just fine.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flowers and hats and bows, oh my! | Kim Lind family and commercial photography

This shoot was very girly!  Karla is the owner of Lilliana's - a super cute online boutique ( and if you're local you might have seen her lately at the San Ramon or Livermore Farmer's Markets selling oodles and oodles of cute hair accessories.  This was both a product shoot and a portrait session for her two daughters.  Here are just a few - you'll have to check Lilliana's website soon to see more!  

This first one is just stunning - part of a series of four images taken from this angle with different expressions.  (wait until you see them, Karla!)  I love the lighting here - it's moody and soft, and oh those eyes!
Here's big sister, a modeling pro!  I like the angle of this one too - the focus is on the eyes but it shows off the flower clip quite well too.  I think every girl needs one of these (or four or five!)

Look at her expression...she's two and beyond her years, don't you think?  The shallow depth of field and beautiful light speckling the background makes this one really something special.

I love this shot of big sister.  (ok, I love them all or they wouldn't be on my blog!!)  She looks so cool and casual here, and the hat is way cute too.  

A very sweet portrait of sisters (with matching flower headbands of course!)
One of the morning's last shots - mom jumped in (note the flower in her hair too!) I really love the expression of the younger daughter in this one, and I think it really makes the image. If she were looking right into the lens it just wouldn't have the same emotional impact.  I had such a fun morning with these lovely ladies, thanks for a great shoot!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Santa Cruz, baby! | Kim Lind family photography

Earlier this week I took a drive down to Santa Cruz to photograph this gorgeous family from Danville - the baby boy is one of my "Baby Plan" clients but we've never done the whole family until now.  I LOVE the beach, and while it can pose some photography challenges - like no shade, harsh sunlight, and for forgetful photographers like me...sunburn! - it's such a fantastic setting for casual and "real" family photos.  So in addition to some great 9 month shots of the little guy, I took some beautiful family shots that I think they're going to love.  I know I do!  

Talk about a crystal clear day - - the bright blue of the sky, the deep blue water and their coordinating blues, tans and whites made for a perfect combination. 

I'm a sucker for a daddy and his little girl.  I love her expression, and that he's holding her little shoes in his big hands.  How cute it that? 
This one is so pretty in black and white - it has a very timeless look to it. 

For this one, I was going for a faded blue jean kind of look.  Just a little something different, an artistic twist...I like it!

And here's a great end shot for the blog preview...gotta love a naked baby on the beach! 

Monday, July 13, 2009

A naturally great family session | Danville family photography

The family I met last Saturday was a lot of fun - the running joke of the morning was to "look natural."  It's a good session when I'm cracking up enough to have to stop taking pictures for a moment, which is exactly what happened when they all piled on a picnic blanket in the yard (on wet grass) and tried to "look natural."  Let's just say that series of photos probably isn't going to make the cut into the final gallery of images!

Most of my family photo shoots are done at area parks but this one was done entirely at their home in Danville.  It's fun and challenging to try to find the best light no matter where I am. This being a family of four meant getting in some pretty small areas with good lighting...and of course, looking "natural!"  Here's a sneak peek...
This little girl has a great smile - there were other shots where she's looking at the camera and smiling but I like this one best because she's clearly about to let out a big laugh.
Father and son look quite handsome in this one...
Now this one looks natural!  I love catching these quick glances, especially when they both look so happy.
This is something new for me... I loved her expression here and the pink walls of her bedroom made a perfect backdrop.  I added some artistic effects to the image in Photoshop and like how it turned out kind of dreamy but also and vibrant and fun.  
And the last shot of the the light in this one! 

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby J, six weeks old | Walnut Creek baby photography

I had a fun session yesterday with this handsome little baby "J" - 6 weeks old and cute as can be.  This session was done in his home in several different places - the guest room bed, the couch, his bedroom in front of the window, and in a basket on the floor!  I love going on baby shoots in the home - it's always fun to try different settings and creating beautiful natural light portraits while indoors is one of my favorite things to do.  
He's looking up at his mommy in this one...
Look how big and strong he is at 6 weeks!
This is one of my favorites.  I love his arms up, hands in tiny little fists and the eye contact he has with me standing over him. 
Again with the eye contact - at only 6 weeks old!  
Ahhh...sleeping babies are just the best.   Here he had just had a little milk break which made him full and ready for this sweet naked snooze shot.  Sweet dreams, baby "J" - it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday!

Monday, July 6, 2009

9 month old and family | San Ramon family photography

The little guy is on my "Baby Plan" which is a series of three sessions to document his first year.  (They're discounted in case you were wondering!)  This time we celebrate the milestone that is 9 months. He's sitting up, smiling, giggling...a great age and a lot of fun to photograph. Of course we got some great family shots with mom, dad and big sister while we were at it too!  

If you've followed my blog, you know I have a thing for baby feet.   So I love this shot, but also artistically I really like it too - I love the leading lines of the wood planks, drawing the eye right in.
This location is fantastic because it's so lush and green, like being in a camp some place far away...not at all like being just a few blocks from a strip mall like it really is!

I think all kids love sitting in this chair, and he was no exception.  This is one happy 9 month old!  
And finally, a sweet shot of mom and daughter.  We all need these kinds of photographs with our children, don't you think?  A toddler's admiration and adoration of their parents is just the sweetest thing to capture.  This family is a lot of fun - I'm already looking forward to the big 1-year session in 3 months!  

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Linda + Randy | Kim Lind Wedding Photography

In all the world last Saturday, it would have been hard to find a more radiant bride and groom than Linda and Randy.  Their ceremony and reception at the Bidwell House B & B was charming in every way, and very much a family affair.  I love the smiles in this first picture here - they're are just so happy and it shows!

Sometimes you just have to lay on the ground and see what happens...I really like the angle of this shot.  
Between the two of them there are seven grandchildren - and awfully cute ones at that!   I love the photo of the little ring bearer who stayed on for duty, and this sweet pre-ceremony moment with grandma and her flower girl...

Congratulations, Linda and Randy!