Monday, July 6, 2009

9 month old and family | San Ramon family photography

The little guy is on my "Baby Plan" which is a series of three sessions to document his first year.  (They're discounted in case you were wondering!)  This time we celebrate the milestone that is 9 months. He's sitting up, smiling, giggling...a great age and a lot of fun to photograph. Of course we got some great family shots with mom, dad and big sister while we were at it too!  

If you've followed my blog, you know I have a thing for baby feet.   So I love this shot, but also artistically I really like it too - I love the leading lines of the wood planks, drawing the eye right in.
This location is fantastic because it's so lush and green, like being in a camp some place far away...not at all like being just a few blocks from a strip mall like it really is!

I think all kids love sitting in this chair, and he was no exception.  This is one happy 9 month old!  
And finally, a sweet shot of mom and daughter.  We all need these kinds of photographs with our children, don't you think?  A toddler's admiration and adoration of their parents is just the sweetest thing to capture.  This family is a lot of fun - I'm already looking forward to the big 1-year session in 3 months!  

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