Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flowers and hats and bows, oh my! | Kim Lind family and commercial photography

This shoot was very girly!  Karla is the owner of Lilliana's - a super cute online boutique ( and if you're local you might have seen her lately at the San Ramon or Livermore Farmer's Markets selling oodles and oodles of cute hair accessories.  This was both a product shoot and a portrait session for her two daughters.  Here are just a few - you'll have to check Lilliana's website soon to see more!  

This first one is just stunning - part of a series of four images taken from this angle with different expressions.  (wait until you see them, Karla!)  I love the lighting here - it's moody and soft, and oh those eyes!
Here's big sister, a modeling pro!  I like the angle of this one too - the focus is on the eyes but it shows off the flower clip quite well too.  I think every girl needs one of these (or four or five!)

Look at her expression...she's two and beyond her years, don't you think?  The shallow depth of field and beautiful light speckling the background makes this one really something special.

I love this shot of big sister.  (ok, I love them all or they wouldn't be on my blog!!)  She looks so cool and casual here, and the hat is way cute too.  

A very sweet portrait of sisters (with matching flower headbands of course!)
One of the morning's last shots - mom jumped in (note the flower in her hair too!) I really love the expression of the younger daughter in this one, and I think it really makes the image. If she were looking right into the lens it just wouldn't have the same emotional impact.  I had such a fun morning with these lovely ladies, thanks for a great shoot!

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