Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday photos with the "K" family | Kim Lind family photography

Meet the "K" family! We met last Tuesday morning and had the entire park to ourselves...just the squirrels and birds and this cute family.

I love this one so much that I've tried to re-create it twice now with my own kids (to no avail!) I changed Radio Flyer on the wagon too...did you notice?

Great backlight in a pose that is probably very familiar to lots of dads out there.

Just gorgeous!
I love the expressions in this one! Thanks "K"s, I'm excited for you to see the rest of your photos!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mini-sessions: The other "D" family

The third family group of the big W/D family was a breeze to photograph. Really, they all were! I don't usually expect such smooth sailing when doing big groups like this but this family made my job so fun and easy.

This might be one of my favorite shots of the whole day.

The only girl in the bunch, miss "M" could be a model.

All together...
Great setting, great family!

Mini-session: The "D" Family

Baby "M" is the youngest cousin, and can't you tell by looking at these photos he's got two pretty happy parents? I love this one - at four months he can't sit up on his own yet so we used the log to help him out. Mom and dad joined in too!

I love this - look at proud daddy here. And mom just looks gorgeous and happy.

Tummy time in the dirt worked out quite well!

Happy "D" family - there's more to come in your gallery!

Mini-sessions: The "W" family

Last Sunday afternoon was a great treat - 3 siblings and their families all tackled the major feat of getting everyone in one place at the same time for a big family portrait. We also did each individual family as well. So here's the first of the three, the "W" family, who brought along their four-legged family member too (I wish more clients would!)

I think even Maverick the dog is smiling! I love this portrait of a boy and his dog.

Three handsome brothers...

Not all posed with everyone looking at the camera, but it's still a family portrait - and in my opinion one of the best kinds! Even Maverick is relaxed and happy, just being himself.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mini-session: The "L" family

The mom of this cute threesome told me she didn't have any great photos of all three kids together. So, while we did family shots (that are great!) and photos of each child at this mini-session, I thought I'd post some great photos of the three kids - all together!

My favorite...

I love this one - you just barely get a peek of the littlest guy as they're playing ring-around-the-rosie.

The last photo of the session...heading up the stairs after a fun photoshoot. Stay tuned for more, "L" family!

Mini-session: The "S" family

I've known this twin brother and sister duo since they were toddlers along with my son in playgroup. And now they'll be five in a few months! It doesn't seem like that long ago they were eating sand (ok, that was MY kid) at playgroup...and now look at them!

In a field of clover, "J" is a handsome guy!

Love the hair bow! And those big blue smiling eyes. "L" is just as sweet as she looks.

Aww...too cute. Thanks for a great session, "S" family!

Mini-sessions: The "C" family

I had a great morning of mini-sessions last Sunday. Great families, great day!

Love this one...look at those little smirks!

The walking shot I love so much...

Mom looks beautiful here, with a smile lighting up her face. Kids will do that to you!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The "B" family | Kim Lind family photography in Livermore, CA

It was a beautiful day in Livermore for the "B" family portraits. 3 boys = lots of fun!

Here's the youngest of three...these boys all have the best hair!

I love this one of the two older brothers, natural and handsome...

I see a grandparent Christmas gift here!

See - great hair! These were taken as the sun was starting to set, and I love the warm glow.

I was torn on black and white or color...I love both! But since I like to mix it up a bit, here's the b/w version of one of my favorite family photos from their session. Hard to narrow it down, really...this family is really photogenic! Thanks for a great session, "B"s!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Family session in the Gardens | Kim Lind family photography

When I originally booked this family for a session, it was supposed to be at the beach - one of my very favorite places to go. But, the almost always stable Northern California weather got the best of us and a huge rainstorm delayed us by several weeks. Beach or no beach, I don't think this family could have had a better session than last Saturday's at Crow Canyon Gardens.

Future model here - she is 14 months old and check out this pose!

I love a toothy (or lack of) grin like this!

Happy girl!
It's always fun to do a wardrobe this setting with the arching tree branches in the background.

I've done a walking shot of nearly every family I've photographed this month. They're my new favorite thing! "K" just happened to glance back at me. The wagon, mom and dad holding hands, the trees...perfect!

Happy birthday, littlest sister! | Pleasanton family photography

This little sweatheart turned one on Saturday. The youngest of four beautiful girls - and what a cutie she is!

Birthday smiles...
Mom, dad and all four girls. Beautiful family!

I love this one, only the birthday girl is looking at the camera, as if to say..."hey, this is my photoshoot, remember?" No wonder she is so easy going, she's got a lot of company to keep her smiling and happy. Happy birthday, baby sister and thanks to your family for a great session!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The "C" family in Pleasanton | Kim Lind family photography

There's something really special about brothers, and these two are no exception. One minute walking down the path holding hands, the next clobbering each other, then being silly...boys are so much fun! I love catching a sweet moment like this one...

Cute family!
Family shots like this are among my favorites - everyone doesn't have to be looking at the camera to get a great family portrait!
Mom and her youngest, all smiles. I love this photo...

Often at family sessions the mom and dad don't take pictures alone together - and they should! I love this one because of the way she's looking at him...

This hat series was super cute, so I made it into a storyboard of expressions. What a handsome (and funny) guy!

We did some product shots for mom's business, Kiss the Toad Creations, on this same day. Handmade superhero capes, all custom made for kids (and grownups) of all ages. Those photos will be coming soon! In the meantime, check out the Kiss the Toad Creations website here!