Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Benjamin's Bar Mitzvah | Kim Lind Photography 2018 | Temple Isaiah Lafayette & Pleasanton Marriott

Take a peek at Ben's very special day! Friends and family gathered in the morning at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, and later that evening for a bash at the Pleasanton Marriott. What a great day, a perfect celebration for this fine young man. There's big things in store for this one. Congratulations, Ben!

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Evan & Myriam: Married! | Kim Lind Photography {weddings} Orinda, CA

Evan and Myriam were married in the most lovely and quaint at-home ceremony at his parents' house in Orinda.  The day was warm and the skies were clear and bright, like the future for these two.  Surrounded by family and friends, they took their vows in a multi-lingual ceremony officiated by the groom's sister.  It was a really special day, and I'm so honored I could capture it from behind the lens.  

See more of Evan and Myriam's beautiful day when you click the play button below: