Sunday, June 28, 2009

7 days old - Pleasanton, CA newborn baby photography

Last Friday morning I had the pleasure of meeting baby "A" - the gorgeous baby boy of one of my recent maternity models.  He was just seven days old and cute as can be.  I have never seen a tiny baby as strong as this little guy.  He is almost rolling over - at only seven days old!  

I love this shot with big sister giving him a kiss in the background, and his oh-so-precious tiny baby feet in clear focus.  I love the perspective of it all - you can see how little his feet are in his mama's hands, even though they're close to the camera and appear big.
Ahhh, sweet sleepy baby....I think he's pondering something in his dreams.
And here's Mr. Big Eyes, all alert at a mere seven days old.  I have a feeling this little one is going to be a lot of fun!   Welcome to the world big guy!  And congratulations to your loving family.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charming Cousins - family photography in San Ramon, CA

This past Monday morning I had the pleasure of photographing 4 cousins - 3 beautiful girls and one handsome little baby boy.  The oldest just turned four last weekend and the youngest is 9 months old.  Their grandma's birthday is coming up and their thoughtful parents decided on the perfect gift for her - photos of her precious grandbabies.  I think she will be thrilled with her birthday surprise this year! 
The girls were all so happy and cooperative in their adorable matching dresses.  Typically with kids in this broad age range, I would expect things to get a little hectic - not this group.  Of course, there were two moms making silly faces and handing out jelly beans...but really I think these kids would have looked great and smiled no matter what. 

I love it when parents bring a wardrobe change.  The matching dresses and then casual jean skirts and white shirts were both great choices.  I like this one here in black and white.

What a beauty!

I just love her big brown eyes.  And her brother's too - they just sparkle.  

and a curly haired cutie...great session guys!  Your grandma is going to love her birthday present!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

5 weeks old & family - family photography in Concord, CA

This session was originally scheduled as a maternity session...but this little guy was on his own time schedule and came early!  Now baby is home - a happy, healthy - and hungry! -  5 week old. We had a great family session on Friday evening, and let the little guy have as many milk breaks as he wanted.  All this looking good for the camera makes a guy hungry!  

I love this shot with the feet in focus and the rest of him trailing off in the background.  Oh how I love a baby's feet!

Big sister...with big brown eyes, so pretty!
I love the way mom and dad are looking at each other in this one.  
A spontaneous and sweet shot of a very content baby and adoring big sister.  I didn't ask her to do it, but I love what she's doing with her hands.
Full belly, warm and cozy in mom's is good.  Welcome to the world baby Lucas!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunshine on a cloudy day - family portraits in San Ramon

What a strange weather week we are having here in Northern California.  Last Tuesday was a pretty nice day...until about 5:00 when the thick clouds came rolling in.  Usually evening summer shoots are a sure thing around here but on this particular day we had grey skies and cool temps.  But looking at this darling little 7 month old, can you tell?  Hello, sunshine!

I love this shot, both for her stunning blue eyes and the watercolor-like background.  

And because Father's Day is right around the corner I had to share this one - this little girl thinks her daddy is pretty special (and it was obvious the feeling is very mutual!)
It's always fun to have a wardrobe change, don't you think?  Here's little miss blue eyes, sitting pretty in the flowers. 
For me, getting the shot of the family enjoying each other, interacting with one another is better than that one shot everyone wants where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. So here's one of my favorites from our session...  

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Congratulations class of 2009! Senior session at the Plaza

"Senior-itis" officially ends today, school's out for summer!  Here's a peek at my most recent senior session from a few weeks ago.  The traditional yearbook photos just weren't her style (who's style is that anyway??) so we headed to Blackhawk Plaza and did some that were more "her."  This session was a ton of fun!  I can't wait to do more like it with the class of 2010.
Congratulations 2009 graduates!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family session at the beach - Capitola, CA

We couldn't have asked for better weather than what we had last Sunday down in Capitola. There wasn't a cloud to be found for this maternity/family shoot.   Baby will come in just a few weeks rounding out this happy family of three to a perfect family of four, and I can't wait to meet the little person that is so active in mommy's tummy!  Here's a sneak peek of our sunny Sunday shoot.

Big brother "E" is going to be a natural.  He was more than willing to give the baby in mommy's tummy a kiss - so cute.  

And because I'm a sucker for a good reflection's one last photo to share.  I love reflections, and I think this one is really sweet with the way that big brother "E" is looking at his mom. Sure, he's probably saying, "can I go play now?" but it looks really sweet :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another model mama - maternity session, Dublin, CA

This little guy is turning one this week, and look who just missed the party - - his baby sister! We met at a park in Dublin for this casual maternity session.  Mom was a great sport trying out some ideas I had, and little "C" was way into mommy's tummy!  What a great big brother he'll be :)

I've been really into sun flares lately.  This shot here is intentional - I shot into the sun and since it was on it's way down it's especially warm and glowing.  Looks like there's something magical going on...I like it!

Here's a great smooch - the open mouth "why don't I just eat your face" kind that one year olds are so good at. 

And here's the very last shot of the afternoon, on the way to the car she just looked so pretty in the middle of the grass, long skirt flowing, belly's one of my many favorites from this great session.


Monday, June 1, 2009

A beauty in bloomers - La Quinta, CA

Look at this little cutie I got to meet last week while both of our families were visiting La Quinta, CA. She's just celebrated her first birthday and she was a ton of fun!  She really liked having her picture taken, and didn't even mind the ant pile we set her a little too close to! What a trooper. I love the shot of her trying to climb up the wall...gotta love a baby with ruffles on her butt!  
Her bright blue eyes and big toothy grin could warm anyone's heart. 

I love shots like this.  So sweet, so happy, so is good.  Thanks for a fun session ladies!