Monday, October 22, 2012

Welcome, baby Finnegan! | Kim Lind, newborn photography, Oakland, CA

Babies often come a little ahead of schedule, so from time to time I end up photographing a newborn on his or her actual due date.  Such was the case with baby Finnegan's session last week.  Only this amazing little guy is 10 weeks old!  Born so very premature and look at him now!  What a strong little man.  And oh boy is he cute!  I'm on Finn overload...this is a huge post.  But I just can't stop myself from sharing all the sweetness that is baby Finn!
Yep, that's a smile :)  Must be a great dream...
I gathered dad's a Giants just in time for tonight's Game you go!
And there's more!  To see more of Finnegan's newborn session click the play button below.


  1. He is so very beautiful...a precious gift indeed...what wonderful photos to capture such a gorgeous strong baby...

  2. The baseball glove shot is a grand slam!

    A future Giant for sure. World Series of 2032?