Friday, September 18, 2009

Beach mini-session - Kim Lind family photography

I just can't stay away...I love the beach!  I did my last (well...maybe!) round of beach mini-sessions for the year in Capitola last weekend.  I don't think I've ever experienced the same weather twice at a beach session.  This day was warm but mostly cloudy, with just a little peek here and there at some blue skies.  But blue skies couldn't have make this little one any cuter!

She can fly!
I love black and white and sepia-toned photographs that show emotion, and these next two I've converted to sepia just to mix it up a bit.  In the first one, I love how the the little one is cracking up about something and mom looks so happy.  In the last one, I love the close up of her cute sand-speckled face.  She's looking at the ocean with worried eyes because a big waved frightened her.   But a kiss from mom can make it all better.  So sweet! 

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