Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jackie & Che, Married! | Brazil Room, Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA | Kim Lind on-location portrait and wedding photographer

Jackie and Che's wedding day was perfect in every way.  We started at the Claremont Resort in Berkeley, where Jackie and her bridesmaids got ready.  Her dress was absolutely beautiful!
The wedding took place at Tilden Park's Brazil Room in Berkeley.  Lush greenery abounds there.  It's an amazing venue!  And what a handsome groom...
Look up "radiant bride" in the dictionary and you ought to see Jackie's picture there.  She was an absolutely stunning bride.  Beaming, beautiful and gracious too.  No stresses, no worries, just a wonderfully happy bride.  And it shows, don't you think?
So many ceremony shots, but this one I just love.  I shot it through a flower arrangement, so there's some framing right around her face.  You can see he's smiling, and that look on her face, eyes welled with it.  
Right after the ceremony we went to the Botanical Gardens - just Jackie, Che and me - for some solo portraits.  Jackie and Che went on one of their first dates here years ago, so it was not only the most gorgeous setting imaginable it also has a lot of meaning for them.
Both gardeners, Jackie and Che really love fall foliage.  This was shot paparazzi style through a tree!
The bridal party wore a perfect shade of coral that worked so well for an October 1 wedding.  
 First dance as a married couple!
More October colors in all the details.  I loved the centerpiece harvest baskets.  
At every wedding I shoot, there's always a moment when I get a little choked up.  And this moment, the father and daughter dance and also the mother and son dance were so touching, it was that moment for me.  This is my all time favorite father/daughter dance shot.  
 Jackie and Che, may your life together be as beautiful as your wedding day.  It was an honor to be a part of such a loving celebration!

But wait, there's more!  Click play on the photo show below to see more of Jackie and Che's wedding!

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