Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome, Taylor Kristine! | Kim Lind newborn photography, Pleasanton, CA

This little sweatheart is not only one of Pleasanton's newest residents, she's also my very first niece!  Let's just say Aunt Kimmy was in a little bit of heaven doing a newborn session for this tiny was so much fun!  

Love the tiny feet poking out here!
One of my new baby props, an antique baby scale.  It works too!
Sweet, sweet baby girl...
Another fun prop - a baby cocoon and matching hat.  They always get so warm and cozy in these, that they seem to fall right to sleep.
Still cozy in another cocoon!  
Oh yes I did this...I put my niece on top of a pumpkin!  A "Cinderella" pumpkin at that, because clearly she's quite the princess.  And do you see that?  She's still comfy as can be.  

And if you're really wanting your heart to melt a little bit, watch this little video show...

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