Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The "H" family (with mom too!) | Kim Lind, family photographer

Most family sessions include everyone...unless you're a photographer yourself.  I'm always behind the lens, and so is Jennifer here.  She's a fellow photographer and it was time to get some photos of her family with her actually in them!  I am flattered to be asked to photograph another photographer.  And I can't wait until she photographs my family in just a few weeks!

This is why, even as a photographer, you need to hire someone every once in a while.  Isn't she a beautiful mom?  We all want beautiful photos with our kids, don't we?  But it's so hard when you're the one always taking the pictures!
 Love this setting, and their clothing choices too.  What a great looking family!
 Sweet!  I had a great time photographing this photographer and her family.  I know it's not easy to switch from being the shooter to the subject...I hope my family can be as easy to photograph as hers was!

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