Monday, August 9, 2010

Three Sweet Sisters | Kim Lind Photography, San Ramon, CA

Check out these three little was so much fun to photograph this girly bunch.  I love this first one here of all three of them together.   There's a real sweetness captured with the 3 year old smiling and looking at her baby sister - which is even better than a big "say cheese" shot if you ask me!

Four years old and supermodel bound!
Love this big grin!
Hard not to let out a big "awwww" when you see this one, isn't it?  10 months is a great age!

Could be a tender moment...could be a big secret!  Either way it's pretty sweet.
Ok, I LOVE this shot.  The littlest sister has had enough!  And every time I look at this photo it makes me smile.  Thanks "D" family for a great session.  Believe me, it was hard to pick just a few favorites to share here on my blog!

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