Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The "C" family, in the Gardens | Kim Lind, family photographer, San Ramon, CA

The "C" family was a treat to spend the morning with last Saturday.  Both girls are cute as can be, and towards the end we got to play woodland fairy for a little while. 

Here's the beautiful Miss "A", four and a half years old...  

Moms are always the ones taking the pictures...but not when I'm in charge!  I love this mother/daughter shot.
And little Miss "L", one and a half years old...so cute!
Beautiful family in a beautiful setting...
Sweet father/daughter moment, I love this one:
Nobody has to ask me twice about wardrobe changes, especially when they involve dress up.  It's fun for the kids and for me!
Awww...sometimes the best sibling shots are the moments you catch, not the ones you plan.  Thanks "C" family for a great session!

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