Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Lucas, 5.5 months | Kim Lind Baby/Family Photographer, San Ramon, CA

I first met Lucas and his family when I photographed him at just three days old.  You can see his newborn preview here.  Now look at him!  Only five and a half months old and already sitting (well, mostly sitting!) and making moves like he's about ready to crawl.  Our evening session at the Gardens in San Ramon last week was a breeze with this fun and mellow little guy.

A big gust of wind in mom's hair and a big grin on baby's face makes for a nice - and not too formal - family portrait, don't you think?

Looking dapper here in his plaid...

Oh how I love naked baby shots!  How cute it he? 

Big smooch shot, cute!  Thanks "D" family for another great session!

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