Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Valley Parent Preschool fundraiser mini-sessions | Kim Lind on location portraits and weddings, Danville, CA

15 families, 15 minutes a piece.  What a busy day!!  And what wonderful families I met from Valley Parent Preschool in Danville.  A portion of the mini-session fee and print orders will go right back to their school.  Here's a sneak peek image for each of the 15 families...and at the very end I had to include what might be my favorite photo of the day.  Which family is it??  Look and see!

Mini-sessions are quick.  The point is usually to get "THE" family shot.  The one that goes on the holiday card, the one that goes above the fireplace, the one getting framed for grandma.  But "THE" shot with everyone posed and looking at the camera isn't necessarily a photographer's least not this photographer. And so I bring you my favorite shot of the day.... 

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