Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to the beach! | Kim Lind Photography, Capitola, CA

The first beach session of 2010! Oh, Capitola, how I love you...and how I love this first photo! Twirling perfection...

I love that only the youngest one is looking at the camera in this one. Everybody's smiling, but not necessarily looking at the camera - - this is my favorite kind of family portrait.

5 year old in flight:
Sweet mother and daughter moment - a photo treasure.

Two sweet sisters, the ocean at their feet and the reflections on the sand make a beautiful scene.

A gorgeous day, a really great family...I can't wait to head back to the beach!

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  1. Capitola has been a Lind tradition since the 1950's. Glad to see it continue. It is a very special and magical place.