Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charming Cousins - family photography in San Ramon, CA

This past Monday morning I had the pleasure of photographing 4 cousins - 3 beautiful girls and one handsome little baby boy.  The oldest just turned four last weekend and the youngest is 9 months old.  Their grandma's birthday is coming up and their thoughtful parents decided on the perfect gift for her - photos of her precious grandbabies.  I think she will be thrilled with her birthday surprise this year! 
The girls were all so happy and cooperative in their adorable matching dresses.  Typically with kids in this broad age range, I would expect things to get a little hectic - not this group.  Of course, there were two moms making silly faces and handing out jelly beans...but really I think these kids would have looked great and smiled no matter what. 

I love it when parents bring a wardrobe change.  The matching dresses and then casual jean skirts and white shirts were both great choices.  I like this one here in black and white.

What a beauty!

I just love her big brown eyes.  And her brother's too - they just sparkle.  

and a curly haired cutie...great session guys!  Your grandma is going to love her birthday present!

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