Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another model mama - maternity session, Dublin, CA

This little guy is turning one this week, and look who just missed the party - - his baby sister! We met at a park in Dublin for this casual maternity session.  Mom was a great sport trying out some ideas I had, and little "C" was way into mommy's tummy!  What a great big brother he'll be :)

I've been really into sun flares lately.  This shot here is intentional - I shot into the sun and since it was on it's way down it's especially warm and glowing.  Looks like there's something magical going on...I like it!

Here's a great smooch - the open mouth "why don't I just eat your face" kind that one year olds are so good at. 

And here's the very last shot of the afternoon, on the way to the car she just looked so pretty in the middle of the grass, long skirt flowing, belly showing...it's one of my many favorites from this great session.


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