Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Through The Years: The DeMello Family | Shelter in Place Project 2020

The DeMello family would normally be at the pool or on the baseball field most days of the week.  And now, they're just at home like the rest of us.  But look at their smiles!  They were one of the two front porch photos I did before I switched to the selfies sent to me by my clients.  Erin and I are Co-Presidents of our kids' swim team together.   Many summer hours (and plenty of non-summer hours too!) have been spent together planning/volunteering/cheering on our team.  I'm missing it so much right now...and I know this crew is too.  Thank you DeMello family!  And go Stingrays :)
Click the Play button below to see more of the DeMello family, through the years.

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