Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alicia and Andy, Married! | Round Hill Country Club Wedding, Alamo Ca wedding photographer

Alicia and Andy's wedding day was just a few weeks ago in the beautiful setting of Round Hill Country Club in Alamo. Smooth sailing from start to finish, and so much fun...I sure hope they're still smiling about their wedding day.  I know I am!

The stunning bride...

The handsome groom....

Love this series!  The "first look" shots are great when a bride and groom decide to see each other before the ceremony.  
She turns around...

Love this reaction!
Have you seen a better looking couple?
Gorgeous ladies in purple...

You can tell by looking at them, these guys were a lot of fun!
Andy is a firefighter as are several of his groomsmen.  It was very fitting that the paramedics came to Round Hill that afternoon.  Luckily, not for anyone attending the wedding.  And luckily, there were plenty of well abled men there to help the man that needed it!

A perfect start to married life...Congratulations, Alicia and Andy!

But wait there's more!  Click play on the slide show below for more of Alicia and Andy's wedding day...

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