Thursday, December 15, 2011

See...this is fun! | Kim Lind, family photographer, Danville, CA

I am so excited to give a sneak peek to the "O" family!  This was their first time doing on-location custom photography.  No mall, no flashbulbs, no backgrounds but the beautiful outdoors.  And you know what, I think they really had a great time!

There's more than one style of family portrait that I try to get at every family session.  The one's great.  Everyone looks good, the setting is just right, it's a great shot.  But the one below - now that's the one I want on my walls.  Not all my clients are like me, though...and that's ok.  That's why I try to give a variety.  Wonder which one the O family likes better...
Can they be any cuter?

Thanks, "O" family, for a great afternoon!

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