Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ethan and Tina are engaged! | Kim Lind portrait and wedding photographer, Alameda, CA

Oh, do I love photographing a couple in love!  Ethan and Tina got engaged last month and what fun it was to capture this time in their lives.  They live and play in Alameda, which made for a great setting for an engagement photo session.  
The Blue Dot Cafe and Coffee Bar is one of their frequent stops.  So that's where we started...
When I saw the word "Love" on the window I couldn't resist...
Then we headed to the beach, where there were these great tall grasses.  I had fun with this one!
Wardrobe change!  Love the colors and the emotion here...
This is why it's called the "golden hour"
I love this!  And I didn't tell her to plant one on his face either.  They're just like that.  Which is pretty cool to be around and lots of fun to photograph! 
A little sunset romance on the beach.  Shooting silhouettes is so much fun!
 And this is where it officially began.  Tina was at this bar when she realized he was "the one"...and from the sound of it Ethan already knew that was the case.  But when he showed up at the Hobnob and she had his favorite beer waiting, well I guess it sealed the deal.
It's my goal at every engagement session to create images that will be sitting on the nightstand 45 years from now.  Ethan and Tina picked great locations that have meaning to them.  One day when they're living far away they will look back on these photos and the memories will come flooding back.   I love that I have a hand in that.  I say it all the time...I have the best job!

But wait, I'm not done yet!  Click the play button below to see more of Ethan and Tina's E-session in Alameda!

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