Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Brother Kellen | Kim Lind family, baby photographer, Danville, CA

This adorable baby boy is Kellen, #3 for the "P" family. This 4-month session was done at his home, which is where I do most baby sessions at this age since they're not sitting up just yet.  It makes it nice and comfortable for all.  I love how they grab their toes at this age!
 Tummy time!
This one cracks me up.  The kids look adorable...but Jack the dog is like a ghost in the background.  Some may have photoshopped him out, but I love it!  And look, Jack is even smiling!
 Wonder what he's thinking...I'm thinking he's one cute little baby!
 Thanks for a fun at-home session, "P" family!

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