Sunday, January 16, 2011

Carleen & Alexio, a New Years Day wedding | Kim Lind, SF Bay Area Wedding Photography, Point Marina Vista, Alameda, CA

I first met Carleen and Alexio for their engagement session nearly a year and a half ago.  Instantly, I thought...PLEASE ask me to do your wedding!  In knowing them for just a couple of hours, a few things became very obvious.  1) They are up for anything (as evidenced in their rolling in the surf engagement session here) 2) They're very much happy in love and 3) They're the perfect compliment for each other.  So when they did ask me to photograph their wedding I was delighted to say the least! 

Carleen & Alexio Perez
January 1, 2011
Point Marina Vista, Alameda
I love personal touches at weddings.  For instance, the bride made all of the bouquets and boutonnieres for her wedding day.  Talk about a big job!  And the groom and all his groomsmen have matching patent leather Nikes on with their tuxes.  They looked sharp!
What a gorgeous bride!  She's wearing a handmade dress - made just for her and it fit her perfectly.
Just post-ceremony.  Have you ever seen a more relieved groom?  I love this shot!
You can't tell by looking at them or even at the sky that it was a very cold and wet day in the Bay Area.  I like the extra drama the rain clouds add to the sky.  And luckily only the groomsmen got a little bit wet during their photos.  Hey, guys are tough, right?
I predict a lot of laughs in their future!  
The details...
Carleen and Alexio chose to make their wedding Moroccan themed, and they did all the decor themselves!  They did a fabulous job.  I loved all the jewel toned colors, rich in purples and reds and golds.
Little did I know when we signed the contract that I was expecting another baby...I ended up shooting this wedding at basically 9 months pregnant!  And with the arrival of my new little one just a few days ahead of schedule, I've had Carleen and Alexio waiting just few days longer than planned to see their beautiful wedding photos.  Thanks for your patience, Carleen and Alexio!  Your wedding day was absolutely perfect.  What a way to start the year!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

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