Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 months of fun! | Kim Lind Baby Photography, San Ramon, CA

Baby "D" is nearly five months old and taking a look at these you can tell he's a happy little guy! I love this age for their toothless, drooly grins. And oh how they love to put their feet in their mouths - which always makes for a cute picture. I love this first one, something really cracked him up!

When babies are between the newborn stage and the sitting up stage, they spend a lot of time with their feet. How cute is this pose?

Baby in a pot...still happy! It's fun to do home sessions and use what's around the house for props. This was on the dining room table, and he fit right inside. Check out that huge grin :)


Happy family of three here!

What a fun session! Thanks, P family. Can't wait to see baby "D" in a few months for more grins and giggles!

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