Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make room for baby! Danville family photography

A brand new baby sister has arrived for this brother and sister.  They both wanted to hold her so they took turns, and baby didn't seem to mind the attention at all!  This sweet baby is going to be well loved, that's for sure.

Six weeks old, and sweet as can be.
A happy two year old makes the world go 'round!
Seriously, how cute is this baby?  She was so calm and mellow too - I don't think she cried one time during our session...amazing!
Both jumped at the chance to get on the bed with their baby sister.  I love the way they're both looking at her, and she's so content and fascinated by the action all around her.

Sweet mama moment with her oldest and her youngest.  Her daughter was busy playing with her stuffed animals...hey, she's 2...she has places to go, ponies to see.

Ok, Mr. Dreamboat here...he was so funny too.  He told me that he never gets his work done anymore because he's always taking care of two baby sisters.  Is he 4, or 40?  What a guy!  And what a fun shoot with three delightful kids and their equally delightful mama, thanks for a great morning!

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