Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At home in Danville

I feel so honored when I meet newborns for portrait sessions.  It's such a gloriously short period when they're so tiny, and what fun it is to be a part of it.  I had the great pleasure to meet baby Chase last weekend, and his beautiful family at their home in Danville.   They have two boys and a gorgeous white couch.  I was not only impressed by that (a bold move with boys!) I was also excited because it made a fantastic setting for a "new" family portrait.    I just love the look of these photos with the window light pouring in.

This one makes me want to go back in time to when my son was just 4 weeks old - how I wish we had a picture like this of us!  What a cooperative baby he was...and so was Daddy (you can guess what happened with a naked baby boy!)

And here's two more I love, in black and white.  The sweet, serene face of a new there anything better?  And I love the moment here between father and son - you can almost hear the giggles.

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