Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

I'm entering into the wide world of blogs today - a new year's resolution that hasn't taken me until springtime to accomplish!  I have one baby taking a nap, the other out with daddy, and I'm having a little quiet time with a cup of coffee and baby #3 - my new photography business. What a great morning!  

This third child of mine, my photography business, has long been a dream. When I had my second child, Molly, last March I knew the time had come to make the dream a reality. Something about Molly's arrival made me think that it's all possible.  I guess you could say she's my muse.  She is so easy going, just kicks back and takes everything in.  And I kind of see myself that way too.  I like to take it all in, and I like to shoot it all with my camera!  

The end of 2008 was busy, and I worked with many great families and had so much fun.  You'll see some favorite shots of those sessions here on my blog in the next few days.  January is typically a slow period for photographers but I'm thrilled with a session I did just yesterday on a super gloomy, rainy day in Danville.  Here's a few shots of that beautiful family - they did this photo session on the sly for dad's birthday next week.  I think he will be thrilled with the pictures, and the thoughtfulness that his wife put into his birthday this year. Happy Birthday B!

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  1. Kim, your talent is amazing as you truly capture each and every person's spirt in your photography.

    Beautiful work!